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Car, trucks and SUV insurance  

Vehicle InsuranceAuto Insurance which is also know as Auto InsuranceAuto Insurance, is one topic one can never get away from when discussing cars and trucks. In practically every jurisdiction, you will be required to have a minimum liability insuranceliability insurance before you are allowed to put a car on the public roads. This is to ensure that in the event of an accident which resulted in property damages or bodily injuries to third parties, the injured can claim for compensation. The governing authorities want to ensure that anyone involved in an accident will have insurance to pay for any liabilities incurred whilst using a vehicle on public road.

Vehicle insurance is a multifarious topic as there are many types of motor insurance.
One of them is no fault insuranceno fault insurance. The purpose of "no fault insurance" is to reduce cost by not trying to find fault or blame as to who caused the accident. In the absence of such no fault insurance, time and expenses will be incurred in trying to figure out who is at fault and thus become liable to pay compensation, and in the worst case, this may result in costly litigations in the courts. No fault insurance does away with all that and thus greatly reduce cost and time incurred.

Student car insuranceStudent car insurance or auto insurance for young persons is another class of insurance you should be familiar with, especially if you have children. People of tender ages have limited driving experience and thus considered as of higher risks or have not yet demonstrated responsible driving and thus attracts higher insurance premiums. However, if you are enrolled in an educational institutions and especially if you have good grades, some insurance company consider this as a demonstration of greater responsibility and thus charge lower premiums.

The minimum requirement to put a vehicle on public roads is liability insurance which may not cover damages to own vehicle. If you want to be compensated for repairs to own vehicle, you will have to get collision insurancecollision insurance alternatively known as comprehensive insurance.

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