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Chicago Used Car Auto Auction  

Chicago Used Car AuctionIf you are looking for cheap cars to buy, and you happens to live in the Chicago area, here is an interesting Used Car Auction Site - Auto Auction Chicago to check out. And if you purchase a used car from them, you will be getting a bargain as well as helping a charity because a portion of the proceeds from the Used Car Public Auto Auction goes to charity! Not only that, you can conveniently view the cars online at Vehicles at the next North Shore Used Car Public Auto Auction. Financing for cars purchased from them is also available. They currently have two auto auctions per month on a Saturday mornings with between 50 and 60 used autos either donated to local charities, private party or dealer consignment autos.

North Shore Used Car Auto Auction online chatPlus if just viewing the cars online is not sufficient, and you want more information, you can use their online chat to chat with a human if they happens to be online at that time. If no one is available for an online chat? No problem. Just click on the "Chat" button and leave a message.

According to their Press Release, their customers are purchasing used cars from them at their auctions at well below market value. While most of the cars sold by North Shore Auto Auction are in the $500 to $5,000 range, but the opening bids on cheap used cars start at a mere $200.

North Shore Used Car Auto Auction is not only a place for you to purchase a used car. You can also placed your used car for auction on consignment at North Shore Used Car Auto Auction Sell on Consignment Program.

Note that while they say a portion of the proceeds go to charity, they are not doing this just for charity. There are fees involved for putting your car up for auction. You can check the fee involved in the site accessed by the link above. When you win a bid, additional fee is also adding to the winning bid.